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Fresh Dirt! for Year 2008
Last Years Dirt:

The current list of new songs in the works is now up to 17, with 10 being in various stages of pre-produced completion as of today and the rest still to be finished. While the writing process continues, there is a possibility that a few more can still be coming as serious progress toward a new full length THREE SIXES release is being made.

In other news, Crime Pays, Inc. has featured the THREE SIXES song 'I.F.T.D' on their latest release of 'Smokin Tailpipes: The Legend of Billy Joe and Bobby Sue'. The clip shows a guy robbing stores and jumping in a car with his girlfriend to THREE SIXES music. CHECK IT OUT.

THREE SIXES have started the first day of pre-production for their new, full length CD. More songs are still being written as the disc is entering its infant stages. While there is no timeline, the wheels are now officially in motion. THREE SIXES already had several meetings with producer Marko from Digital Voodoo in regards to the direction the new music will go and the depths it will be produced. Today, those discussions have have put THREE SIXES into pre-production for their latest release with Marko at his studio in Los Angeles.

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