Band Biography

Damien LaVey - voice, vision, necrophilia
Killswitch - guitars, homicide
Whiskey - bass, backing vocals, dismemberment
Konnyaku - drums, corpse disposal

Originally created as a studio project by Damien LaVey in 1998, local imprint Universal Sign Records released the debut “Possession” CD on Halloween, 1999. LaVey auditioned dozens of musicians before deciding on the select three, which would make up his “Live Assassination Crew” and perform the much-emphasized live show during the Invert 2001 Vertical Sports Carnival in Irvine, CA on October 6th, 2001. Shortly after, THREE SIXES “Lord of the Dead” became an instant favorite and was used in the Danny Draven produced/directed horror movie “Hell Asylum” which was released by Full Moon Entertainment in the spring of 2002.

“Salvationless”, the second THREE SIXES release was unleashed on October 13th, 2002. Since then, the THREE SIXES reign of terror has not slowed. First, “God Denied” was featured on the Fox Sports Net show “The Re-Evolution of Sports”. Next, THREE SIXES obtained opening slots for national acts such as BODY COUNT (featuring Ice-T), DEATH ANGEL, POWERMAN 5000, THE GENITORTURERES, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, SAMAEL, CATHEDRAL, D.R.I., PRONG, THE MURDERDOLLS, THE IRON MAIDENS, (the internationally recognized all female Iron Maiden tribute band) and SANDFROG (featuring Scott Spiezio, first baseman for the world champion Anaheim Angels) and performed at higher profile, well-known venues such as The House of Blues, The Key Club, ,The Galaxy Theatre, BB King's, The Gig, The Coachhouse, The Troubadour, The Knitting Factory, and Johnny Depp’s Viper Room. THREE SIXES were also featured in a compilation on BLC Productions “Annihilation and Seduction” released in March 2003. The debut of their first full-length video for “God Denied” in May 2003 helped to spread the word further.

In May 2004, THREE SIXES resurfaced once again with a fresh form of brutality at the “Days of Darkness” horror movie convention at The Hilton Hotel in Burbank, CA. The new “Holy Man” video was successfully debuted to promote the new upcoming CD, simply titled “Three Sixes”. The new self-titled THREE SIXES disc is a collection of songs from both previous recordings “Possession” and “Salvationless” along with 3 new songs – and including 2 videos - to combine for the ultimate THREE SIXES enhanced experience that was released in October 2004.

June of 2005 marked the debut of the newest “Possession” video once again at The Burbank Hilton for Fangoria Magazines “Days of Darkness” convention. Filled with brutal lyrics and an unmatched abundance of energy and sampling, the updated live version of “Possession” has become a crowd favorite. The new video promises to be equally as popular.

Damien and his current line-up of live assassins are now destroying unsuspecting venues everywhere. They also look forward to performing even more for the growing number of THREE SIXES worshippers. “Our live show crushes”, states LaVey. “Be aware of us and be afraid. We will own you soon.”



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